Screw hitchhiking, let’s drive – Day 23 – On a desert

I just can’t drive without stopping, it’s too beautiful here – Steffen said out loud what was on my mind when we pulled over for a fifth time within 10 minutes.

The coastal road we took after Nha Trang was astonishing. Small islands, blue lagoons, countless fishermen boats and calm ocean were taking our breaths away every second. We were planning to catch up with kilometers that day and speed through that road. It didn’t work.

The roads condition was surprisingly awesome too. One should never trust Google Maps in Vietnam. What is mark as small, white line might be in reality a smooth, new stretch, like that one. The only disappointing thing was, as always in Asia, amount of trash laying around. Beautiful beaches from far away turned out to be full of plastic garbage. Once you look into water you don’t want to jump in anymore as you’d be tangled in plastic bags, old fisher nets etc. Every day we’re asking ourselves – what can we do to change it? Is makes us angry and sad because so far – we didn’t find an answer

Left corner – blue plastic lying along the beach

Next pin on our map were Nangang Sand Dunes. After a small failure the day before this time we prepared ourselves. We thoroughly checked satellite pictures to know exactly where are they located and how to get there. Success!

We made some crazy pictures, had some fun in the sand. If we knew before how steep and high these sand dunes are, we would have brought a board for sandboarding!

Again, way off the schedule we moved forward. It took us as long as 15 minutes of driving until we discovered another dunes and awesome pictures spot.

Ok, it’s time – he said. Just one more thing, please…Superman picture – I answered and got ready for posing.

We were close to the deadly, AH1 highway where every second you can hit someone (or get hit by a truck from behind). Just before it, we found a… salt factory! Have you ever wondered how is the salt made? I haven’t until I saw it. The sea water is pumped into the shallow basins and left to evaporate. When salt is sparkling and dry, an escavator moves it into a truck, so interesting!

The same day we saw many plantation we’ve never seen – aloes, chillies, garlic – Vietnam surprises us every day!

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