Screw hitchhiking, let’s drive – Day 16 – No Pics!

Sleeping in! Wohooo! At least a little. While Natalia managed to sleep until 10, I was already awake at 8.30 anyways. We took it slow this morning and our we had a small headache from drinking with some local truck drivers last night. By the time we left the Hotel, it was already 12.30 – and we didn’t even have breakfast!

After an hour of driving we had our oil changed and grabbed some bread. We found a small Cafe on the side of the road and had our bread with Nutella (!) and coffee.

Other than that it was just a day of driving. The scenery is really nice with a lot of rice paddies, mountainous roads. However, as we left late we didn’t stop a lot. Just as it started to get dark we arrived in a small town. We grabbed some dinner, where a 15 year old girl helped us choose some dishes! Wow – sometimes it’s so hard to translate those Vietnamese dishes! And then we can never decide what to pick :D! Vietnamese people love meat and we had plentyful the days before, so initially we wanted to eat vegetarian tonight… Well, that didn’t really work. We had some crispy pork, mì xào bò – noodles with beef and some peanuts.

We called it a day and found a cheap hotel on the main street. Tomorrow we would get up earlier again! It just gives you more time to look around and enjoy, but…when are we gonna sleep then?!

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