Screw hitchhiking, let’s drive – Day 13

May de Ville, beside of the fancy name had also fancy breakfast service. We stuffed ourselves with toasts and moved right to… egg coffee place from the day before. We couldn’t leave Hanoi without trying ot once again! Full of sugar and egg yolks we picked up our bike from a lovely older man in whose cellar we left them for the night. Our destination – Ninh Binh was 90 km upfront. But before we hit the road – shopping! We drove to a Big C – Asian supermarket where we wanted to stack up on breakfast items. Let’s be honest – grocery shopping is a pleasure. So big of a pleasure that it took me an hour! But… we’ve got Nutella!

At the very end the ride got picturesque ad we sawHa Long like limestone mountains surrounded by green rice fields. Such a satisfying scenery! We arrived to our Bamboo Farm Stay and decided to soend the rest of the evening on catching up with post cards, pictures, etc..

Obviously, the evening finished too suddenly and we didn’t finish everything we wanted. But that’s all right!

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