Screw hitchhiking, let’s drive – Day 10

Such an efficient day! We left our fancy hotel room behind relatively early and got on our already dry bikes. The schedule was tight:

1) get to Ha Long – that part was easy. Nice Lang Songs weather helped a lot and driving for 3 hours wasn’t painful. We were there before noon.

2) find a secret entrance to the Bai Tho Mountain. The mountain serves awesome view to the whole Ha Long Bay. The official entrance, unfortunately the official gate burnt recently. Luckily, we found online that there is a house which has another entrance thought its backyard. Short look inside and suddenly a woman dragged me inside the place. Money and go – she pointed out a rusty gate. Ok, we gave her 100k and went up on a mysterious path.

Steep climb was totally worth it! We had a really epic view with just a few people around.

In the morning, taught by the weather at the north, we put on all the warm clothing. By the time we reached the top of the mountain we were complete sweaty. But that’s all tight as long as we’re both disgusting

3) find a public ferry terminal to the Cat Ba island and catch the last one at 3 pm. – it was a 20 minutes ride and we managed right on time!

4) get to Cat Ba island – ferry took us an hour. The ride itself was amazing. We were cruising through the Ha Long rocks we just saw from the top.

And it’s only for 3,6€!

5) find an accomodation and enjoy the rest of the evening on the island – that was easy!

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