One full week of cooking in Thailand

We decided to do another workaway and surprisingly managed to get one right on our way to Laos. Nong Kai is in the northeast of Thailand, just on the border to Laos. We stayed one week at Uma's farm and helped with some maintenance and construction work.

Our lovely bungalow that we stayed in.

Above all we enjoyed cooking with Uma, as she is a really good cook and loved to show how to make some great thai dishes. So here are some of our self-made thai dishes:

Thank you Uma!

Uma and us in front of her Tuk-Tuk and farm.

Other than that we enjoyed a to get to know Uma's farm and her friends. We visited another farm just next door which was really nice too.

Harvesting some bananas! One banana tree only grows one branch of bananas, after that it is cut down and dies.

Chilling at a neighbours farm, who is a Police man and was taking part in the Kings education program for farming!

And despite relaxing a little, we spend quite some time applying for jobs / programmes back home!



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