In the heart of the Jungle…

In the heart of the jungle,
on the top of the hill,
there is someone very humble,
with nature’s protection as their will.

Some people didn’t believe,
they thought they are kind of naive,
but they showed everyone,
that living here is fun!

It’s the dawn of the day
when the jungle music starts to play:
the gibbons are singing,
the insects are ringing,
the hornbills are flying
and the puppies are crying.

Then comes their mommy,
to fill up each tummy.
Lovely, funny and kind,
She is like a treasure – hard to find.

To learn and relax,
to do as you please,
to discover the world,
and lay at its feet.
This is the place,
that you can call home,
once you come here,
you’ll never be alone.

It wouldn’t be here,
if he didn’t fight,
for humans and nature,
the real Jungle Knight!

Wendy and Isak,
two hearts full of dreams,
built a place like no other,
where magic exists.

– Natalia & Steffen


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